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Gideros 2019.1 released

After a long time trying to decide wether 2019.1 was good for release or not (it has been on github since the beginning of the month now), I finally to decided to announce it.

2019.1 brings huge improvements regarding HTML5 export size: Gideros minimal size now half the size it used to be, going from 1.6MB down to 800kB in compressed WASM mode, significantly reducing loading time on slow connections.

The new CompositeFont system allows you to easily create and display texts with outline or shadow effects.

But why did I hesitate to release it ? Because there are two things I wanted to fix before releasing, but didn't manage yet:
- Gideros is slow on OSX Mojave, no idea why
- WASM exports are slow on MS Edge, while they used to run ok in previous Gideros versions, and again not the slishtest clue about it

I spent a significant time trying to figure out why over the past two weeks, but finally gave up for the time being. Overall 2019.1 is still a good release so I decided to let you know in the end!


New features

[core] Introduce Sprite:getChildrenFromPoint()
[gfx] Add CompositeFont object type
[gfx] Allow alpha in textfield


[html5] Reduce package size
[studio] Make paths relative in project file
[export] Probe android path from Windows Registry


[studio] Fix profiler report count field truncated
[core] Fix layout issue
[core] Ignore non constrained sprites from layout
[megacool] Fix megacool init

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