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  • miraclecrack
    halo frainds
    April 23
  • rpallen
    Hi, ar2rawseen, This is related to your book, Gideros Mobile Game Development, which I purchased a short time ago. I'm trying to implement suffixes for different image sizes, which you mention on page 23. I couldn't get it to work following the example in the book. The book uses an underscore before the @ symbol and this wasn't working for me. I posted to the forum under the title "Why aren't my suffixes working?" and one of the responses was to eliminate the underscore. I did this and it worked, at least partially. I'm still trying to get it to work comletely. I know the book is a bit old. Has Gideros undergone a change that eliminated using the underscore or was this an erroe in the book? Thanks. Randall
    November 2017
  • yashashree
    Hello, This days I am working on deep reinforcement learning under Torch+LuaJit environment. I have already implemented my DQN under Torch+LuaJit environment. I want to control real robot system using my DQN. I have implemented my robot controlling source code under ROS+Catkin environment, My ROS image sender node sends webcam data, reward information to lua via socket communication. My lua socket receive data and split delimiter from string and stored reward information and webcam data information in different variable. But problem is that Lua opencv binding does not support function like memcpy, CvtCreateImage etc. So I don't know how to stored and utilize webcam data received via socket communication. Kindly help me on this if possible.
    April 2017
  • Yan
    Hi, there is an issue to the Framework, i dont know where to put my issue. The problem is when my keyboard switched to Russian language, key event didnt work, so not every user or player can figure out why controls are not working.
    October 2016
    • Wagnerbrock
      Oke check out this
      1. independent mappings is only a potential problem on X11. Both OS X and Windows are more defined in that regard and getting it to work there is rather trivial.
      2. Some software has layout-independent bindings. Ctrl+C Ctrl+V works everywhere regardless of layout.
  • senolbakay
    Hi, how can I have my game showed in app showcase? Ninja Pang: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.camis.pang
    September 2015
  • jack123
    hi,i use version Gideros 2015.06.10 , and is throw the exception:com.giderosmobile.android.player.LuaException: C:/Users/sanmao/Desktop/crush mania/assets/assets/classes/json.lua.jet:273: Nil string: ''
    July 2015
  • whidbey
    @ar2sawseen,widget-candy is out of service? I bought it ,but i could not get any reply from they email. any ideas? thank you ar2sawseen
    April 2014
  • whidbey
    gideros is very good ,but seems lacks of lots UI feature? I just want to put a menubar(with 2 buttons) like the native UI on the game with. it waste many time to draw the menubar in every resolution handly. any suggest? thank you in advance.
    March 2014
    • Yan
      do it program, draw dynamically, gideros ist mostly designed for games
  • rajaram
    Hey, ar2sawseen! I'm sorry to trouble you here, but when you have time please help me in the AceSlide topic. I tried asking other users, but with no luck at all. Thanks in advance! http://indiandefaulter.co.in/mobile-operators-in-india/
    March 2014
  • xGuilt
    um Hi, just wondering, i'm using your game template and there seems to be a problem with your sounds class. Apparently it seems to be working right, i can initiate the function Sounds, and even use the Sounds:add The problem is that the Sounds:play is not working. even for the preloaded or created sound in your template is not working. the "Hit" and "Complete" It's should be Sounds:play("hit") right? or am i missing something here? :/
    August 2013
  • Subramanya
    Hi , I am new to gideros. I was using flash to develop games. But now i want to switch to gideros. But the problem is creating .apk file. As there is a simple step Export and Import into Eclipse and same i have done too. But no luck. I could not create. I am not understanding anything. Please help me in this with brief documentation or steps. It will be really helpful. Thanks....
    July 2013
  • rcasada
    Hi, I am new to Gideros an using your game template which is very nice. I am having a issue and hope you can help me. I have my own scene that I want to run when the user is on the first level of the game. When I add it at the point you commented as the place to add your own game logic, It stays on screen and blocks all your reset pause buttons at the top of the screen. My animated images also show up on every screen...menus...start menu...ect. They never unload once loaded. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? Thanks for your time and great template.
    July 2013
  • keszegh
    you may want to contact this site so that they add gideros: http://www.markus-falk.com/mobile-frameworks-comparison-chart/ (it is a quite informative comparison between mobile frameworks)
    May 2013
  • AxlFlame
    Hey, ar2sawseen! I'm sorry to trouble you here, but when you have time please help me in the AceSlide topic. I tried asking other users, but with no luck at all. Thanks in advance!
    April 2013
  • tugbakaya
    hi,can you help me upload video on gideros. ı really doont know how can ı do this?
    February 2013
  • thanhquan1512
    Hi, can you help me to use scene manager without effect? I try using sceneManager:changeScene("scene_name") with no other parameters but there's error. ex: classes/scenemanager.lua:342: attempt to perform arithmetic on field 'duration' (a nil value) stack traceback: classes/scenemanager.lua:342: in function <classes/scenemanager.lua:325> menu.lua is uploading. Uploading finished. classes/scenemanager.lua:344: attempt to call field 'transition' (a nil value) stack traceback: classes/scenemanager.lua:344: in function <classes/scenemanager.lua:325> Thank you
    February 2013
  • Orlando
    Excuse me Ar2rsawseen. I have been having some problems with ruzzle on my htc wildfire, I have openGl 1.0. How Do I insert the line into AndroidManifest.xml on my htc wildfire??? Pleeeeease :)
    January 2013
  • Dikkesnoek
    Hi, thanks for your help. I have a question about your game template. As you have seen in the forum, I want to add a "landingFloor" by using a Polygonshape. Do you know how I can handle this within the template? The physicsAddBody function in the lib.lua is not capable to do this. Regards, Marc
    October 2012
  • zakkwylde
    Hi, I am playing with your ACESlide component which is great. But is there an easy way to add a flick type function to it (like a scrollview). A method so that you flick the slider and it moves, but slows down and then stops? Thanks
    August 2012
  • ar2rsawseen joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    January 2012