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Gideros 2019.1 released

After a long time trying to decide wether 2019.1 was good for release or not (it has been on github since the beginning of the month now), I finally to decided to announce it.

2019.1 brings huge improvements regarding HTML5 export size: Gideros minimal size now half the size it used to be, going from 1.6MB down to 800kB in compressed WASM mode, significantly reducing loading time on slow connections.

The new CompositeFont system allows you to easily create and display texts with outline or shadow effects.

But why did I hesitate to release it ? Because there are two things I wanted to fix before releasing, but didn't manage yet:
- Gideros is slow on OSX Mojave, no idea why
- WASM exports are slow on MS Edge, while they used to run ok in previous Gideros versions, and again not the slishtest clue about it

I spent a significant time trying to figure out why over the past two weeks, but finally gave up for the time being. Overall 2019.1 is still a good release so I decided to let you know in the end!


New features

[core] Introduce Sprite:getChildrenFromPoint()
[gfx] Add CompositeFont object type
[gfx] Allow alpha in textfield


[html5] Reduce package size
[studio] Make paths relative in project file
[export] Probe android path from Windows Registry


[studio] Fix profiler report count field truncated
[core] Fix layout issue
[core] Ignore non constrained sprites from layout
[megacool] Fix megacool init

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  • It's a good release, there's no doubt about that!
    WASM exports are slow on MS Edge
    MS Edge is a tool for downloading browsers after clean windows installment.
    > Newcomers roadmap: from where to start learning Gideros
    "What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months." - Fred Brooks
    “The more you do coding stuff, the better you get at it.” - Aristotle (322 BC)
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  • I think this is a large issue because many people will just use Edge until Firefox or Chrome install themselves at some stage and take over as the systems default browser.

    I've seen thousands of computers whilst providing computer support to my customers and the majority of them are just using the system default browser.
  • talistalis Guru
    edited January 2019
    Ms edge has one of the lowest statistical usage stats out of all browsers. Not only in one source in all sources. just search browser usage statistics in google. But in any way if slow loading issue will be solved of course it is good.
    From my point of concern it is not a critical issue though.
    Thanks for the great contribution again.
  • according to recent stats, 7% of users use IE&Edge

    Likes: MobAmuse

    > Newcomers roadmap: from where to start learning Gideros
    "What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months." - Fred Brooks
    “The more you do coding stuff, the better you get at it.” - Aristotle (322 BC)
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  • 7% of how many windows installs? It's still a big number IMHO :)
  • john26john26 Maintainer
    Just checking, does any version of Gideros run smoothly on Mojave? Is this issue specific to Mojave or present in recent macOS versions?
  • MobAmuseMobAmuse Member
    edited February 2019
    Just did a quick test with this release but I can't complete the android apk auto build process because for some reason it can't see my MyKeyStore. It (MyKeyStore) is where it always is and and even if I move it to say c:/temp it still can't see it. I updated Android Studio to latest everything too just in case but still no good.

    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.

    * What went wrong:
    Execution failed for task ':app:validateSigningRelease'.
    > Keystore file 'C:\Projects\Mobile\Gideros\Apps\AquaSlots2TreasureIsland\Source\AquaSlots2ANDROID-STUDIO_1024x768\C:\Users\adria\Documents\AndroidStudioProjects\MyKeyStore' not found for signing config 'release'.
  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited February 2019
    Looks like the filename is corrupted somehow (a second c:\ in the name) - can you edit the actual project file in a text editor to fix it?

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    starting from gideros 2019.1 most of files referenced in the poject are supposed to be relative to the project path, but maybe something went wrong in latest gideros regarding this

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  • I pulled a backup of MyKeyStore to c:/temp and it does the same with that too.
  • YanYan Member
    edited February 2019
    What about x64, Google send me today emal notice, that app without x64 support would not shown on x64 devices after 1st Aug
  • You can enable 64-bit versions with the 'requires' plugin, just tick the options.

    I think though that it might be a good idea to soon have the default as being 64-bits included with the option to turn them or 32 bit versions off?

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  • MobAmuseMobAmuse Member
    edited February 2019
    OK I got a spare few mins to check some more stuff with latest Gideros release.

    APK signing key:
    I had to put the key in the root dir of the project and then just include it as shown in the picture attached. The APK now builds as normal. I think that this is not ideal as I have lot of apps and the key (unlike before) will have to go in the root of each one perhaps now. Hopefully that can be fixed later.

    Facebook Instant Games:
    I updated all my apps and really noticed the speed difference *superb*. The fact that they crash on MS Edge for me is pretty cool. I don't monetise from the desktop browser versions as I currently use video ads only. That then is kinda great news as it will stop players playing my instants on desktop Edge browser :)

    Next stop for me via Gideros/Android at least, will be waiting for the ad providers like Charboost, AppLovin and Unity providing us all with 64bit compatible Ad SDK's for Android so that I and others can meet the August 1st deadline set by Google Play for 64bit apps.

    1180 x 568 - 25K
  • The ad providers should be fine I think as it's not object code that they supply.

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  • This version is not working in 10.11.6 version (OS X El Capitan)
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    @jdbc yes, QT has deprecated macOS 10.11, with Qt 5.12 minimum supported version is 10.12
  • jdbcjdbc Member
    edited February 2019
    hgy29 said:

    @jdbc yes, QT has deprecated macOS 10.11, with Qt 5.12 minimum supported version is 10.12

    But I can not update to new OS X version, so I can not use it with my current Mac.

    I guess I lot of people will have the same problem.
  • I loaded newer versions of OSX onto my Mac that isn't normally allowed to have the update - you have to download one meant for clones, it turns out there is no physical reason why it won't work - just Apple trying to make more money out of you.

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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    I have the same problem with my Mac being stuck to high Sierra, thus not being able to help with Mojave issues. But yes my Mac is nine years old, probably time to change it

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  • Really it's just apple being greedy I reckon. When your profits start falling.. force users with perfectly operational older machines to buy an upgrade :D
  • Yep, intel hardware didn't improve much, 9 year old i5 processors are enough even for modern gaming, if we plug GTX1060.
    Intel always artificially gelded hardware (like making i5 without hyper-threading, so for rendering and other specific tasks i7 or Xeon is mandatory).

    Nowadays LGA2011 hardware is very affordable, yet extremely perfomant.
    For only $350 whole system can be purchased: Xeon E5 1650v2 (6 cores/12 threads, 3.9Ghz, 12MB cache, hyper-threading, can be overclocked to 4+Ghz if desired) + 16Gb RAM (4*4) + motherboard with m2.nvme support

    but intel wants us to buy new hardware that is 5-10% more perfomant in actual tasks, but costs many times more
    > Newcomers roadmap: from where to start learning Gideros
    "What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months." - Fred Brooks
    “The more you do coding stuff, the better you get at it.” - Aristotle (322 BC)
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  • talistalis Guru
    edited February 2019
    Rather than creating complexity and creating profit to the manufacturer(with trickery) all those weird processor model names and core,cache and model combinations also sucks.
    There are so many i5 models that are better than i7 models, or i3,i5 ... Lots of people have no idea about what are they buying, just looking to turbo value of a single core like 3.9 ghz and thinking "perfect it should be faster than this i3", without considering other parameters.

    Wild but good idea: How the nutrition facts of a food must be written on them, benchmark values must be written on the processors also.So at least beginner level users can understand better.

    Likes: Apollo14, antix

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  • Processor manufacturers would find a way to make it work in their favor, just like the food companies do. They advertise their products like "fruit Rollups, with real fruit" and most people buy them without even looking at the stuff on the back of the packaging.. it's so small and hard to read. If they did read it however, they would see there is maybe 0.2% fruit in the product and 90% sugar.

    CPU makers would find some way to confuse/fool the consumer into buying crap CPU's that didn't pass a test so got binned into a lower spec line (which is IMHO why they have so many lines) ;)
  • antixantix Member
    edited February 2019
    I'm trying to build an Android Player with the latest version of Gideros, installed on a fresh install of windows 10 (v1809) and JDK installed with default install options.

    Attempting to export the APK gives the following error..
    ERROR: JAVA_HOME is set to an invalid directory: C:/Program Files/Android/Android Studio/jre
    Please set the JAVA_HOME variable in your environment to match the
    location of your Java installation.
    If I manually add the JDK path in the export dialog then it exports fine.

    This needs to be fixed as the export dialog currently states that the JDK path is optional, but if you have a fresh windows install it will not export without the JDK path being specified.

    Having said that however.. once it actually attempts to export the APK I get a new error..
    Project evaluation failed including an error in afterEvaluate {}. Run with --stacktrace for details of the afterEvaluate {} error.
    FAILURE: Build failed with an exception.
    * Where:
    Build file 'C:\Projects\Gideros Projects\apk files\GiderosAndroidPlayer\tmp\app\build.gradle' line: 4
    * What went wrong:
    A problem occurred evaluating project ':app'.
    > Invalid revision:
    * Try:
    Run with --stacktrace option to get the stack trace. Run with --info or --debug option to get more log output. Run with --scan to get full insights.
    * Get more help at https://help.gradle.org
    Can anyone explain what that gobbledegook is about and how to fix it?>
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    The detected path seems to be correct to me, can you check what is the real one inside android studio installation ?
  • Hmm, I didn't have Android Studio installed! It's working in 2018.10 but I'l tru 2019.1 again when I reformat back to windows 8.1 from wincrap 10.
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