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Performance comparison to c++ engines

dominum018dominum018 Member
edited November 2015 in General questions

I am totally new to Gideros ( and I really, really love it ) , I switched from Cocos2d-x ( c++ ) and I am trying to make a game with couple soldiers, couple bot soldiers with AI and A* on map with size (100 x 100 artificial cell, not connected to resolution ) and around 150 sprites on scene. I found on youtube couple links with Gideros performance with more sprites but I would be grateful to hear from people which are using what are performance of Gideros and did you maybe make comparison with Cocos2d-x or Marmalade or any c++ engine ?


  • @dominum018 - hi!
    I personally have only experience with Corona, Marmalade Quick, and Gideros.
    - Corona is pretty good but having to compile over the internet is a pain.
    - Marmalade Quick is anything but. It's very easy to use but it is tragically slow.
    - Gideros is very fast. You can have a ton of sprites onscreen at 60FPS. I haven't tested much on my devices yet but its my favourite engine by far.

    I have no experience with any c++ engines.

    There are a bunch of useful libraries from other frameworks (corona, love2d) that handle collision and pathfinding so make use of those :)
  • amin13aamin13a Member
    edited November 2015
    I have experience with Marmalade C++ and I made 3 games with Gideros.
    Marmalade is faster in calculation but Gideros is productive one. I made a complex game with only 15000 lines of code in Gideros. In Marmalade it will be 50000 lines or more.for simple tasks and calculation Gideros is better.

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  • @dominum018 I agree with @amin13a. We have tried all the above game frameworks. We have found that Gideros is more than up to the task for our games. Gideros also has better features. For example, better font support than Corona and better ad support than Marmalade (using Lua). Also think the Gideros forum is great.
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