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Is anybody using Appodeal? - Gideros Forum

Is anybody using Appodeal?

freesspfreessp Member
edited August 2015 in Plugins
I am using Appodeal to deliver ads in my game. I am pretty happy with it, except I am getting some really strange behavior after the ads are dismissed: the screen switches to a psychedelic looking, red-green gradient. Some of the sprites are then duplicated, upside-down, different shapes, and other bizarre things.

I have determined that it must be something that Appodeal is causing, because I created a version that simply displays a single background sprite, removes that sprite completely to display the ad, displays the single sprite again after the ad is fully dismissed and removed, and the same thing still happens. No tweens, no timers, just a single .png image that is displayed, removed, and re-displayed.

Here is the really weird thing: it only happens on my phone; my tablet and every emulator I have tried work perfectly. Even weirder, it only happens after the second time an ad is displayed, regardless of where in the app I display the ads. Weirder yet, it only affects my menu screens. Once the game part starts, everything looks fine again until an ad is shown and then dismissed (the ads themselves always look fine).

I don't know whether to accept the fact that my app may not work right on some devices and release it anyway, or to try a different ad delivery system (again, I like Appodeal and would like to stick with it). Is anybody having a similar issue with ads? Could it just be my phone? It is a very low-end phone, but so is my tablet.


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