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Is anyone actually making money from Gideros based games? - Gideros Forum

Is anyone actually making money from Gideros based games?

mejonmejon Member
edited June 2015 in General questions
Hi, I'm new to Gideros and I was just wondering if anyone has actually had success at generating revenue from games/apps they made with Gideros. I had a look at the games that are listed on the official site as being ones that are produced using Gideros. They weren't ones that I had particularly heard of, but maybe that is down to my own niavity.

I'm new to games making in general, although I have worked a little with Corona SDK before. If anyone has any tips about how to go about generating revenue, and could pass that on, that would be helpful. Also, is it even possible to make a hit game using Gideros?

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  • I think with every Engine / Framework you can make an hit game. You just use an nice idea. Take a look at Flappy birds. A game like flappybirds you can create in every engine the idea is what make the game successful not the engine. Gideros is an free framework and you have an very easy learning curve and can get very quick to the success. If you want create a nice 2D game without pay anything i think with Gideros you are on the right way. Corona SDK i don't know i have worked not with it so i can't say which is better. But i know that Gideros is in my opinion a very nice solution for 2D Mobile Game Development. If you want code. If you want drag and drop game development then you should look at other tools but then you must pay for every little plugin and here you can get all for free.

    So at the end i can say that you can make an hit game with every engine. If you have the right idea and a little bit good looking graphics.

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  • mejonmejon Member
    Alright, but can you (or anyone answer): is anyone actually making money from Gideros based games?
  • Yes I am.
    Actually not very much.

    This is my game link in the Iranian store.
    (I make money from this store via iap)

    This game published in other stores but not successful.


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  • Alright, but can you (or anyone answer): is anyone actually making money from Gideros based games?

    what have the engine with making money to do?

    I mean there are greate Unity, Unreal, GameMaker Studio, Construct2, Cocos2D and so on games in the AppStore nobody finds then and the guys don't make money. So you see that you don't or make money has nothing to do with the engine.

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  • phongttphongtt Guru
    edited June 2015
    Hello :)

    Shameless marketing: http://www.guava7.com/

    In short, yes.

    One of our Gideros games made more than 15K USD.
    Of course it cannot feed us as a "studio", but besides revenues from self-selling games on app stores, we also got license buying from other companies, and also contract works. All these opportunities are thanks to our games portfolio (which most of them are made with Gideros).

    Saying, for example, Gideros games cannot make money or make less comparing to other engines, it cannot be compared that way in my opinion. It's a matter of how you do business (and maybe with a bit of luck).

    On the other hand, choosing a right engine can help you save some cost, I mean the speed of development. In this case, Gideros is one of the very good engines to consider.

    Recently we've moved to another engine due to the need of catching up with the trend, as well as for clients' needs. But personally, our guys at Guava7 still love Gideros :) And recently with the opensource nature of Gideros, I think it will be better ;)
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  • SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
    edited June 2015
    I know a few people who are making a *lot* of money from apps created with Gideros. I personally am making enough to pay for a holiday or two, but not a great amount.

    But the same can be said of any dev system, it's just having the right idea at the right time rather than the dev system - look at Angry Birds, Flappy Birds, etc...

    Here are some of my apps btw:


    Currently making this with Gideros:

    Coder, video game industry veteran (since the '80s, ❤'s assembler), arrested - never convicted hacker (in the '90s), dad of five, he/him (if that even matters!).
  • totebototebo Member
    edited July 2015
    For me the revenue is largely dependent on ad plugins. The more ad networks and ad types (rewarded ads, interstitials, banners, native ads) the more potential revenue.

    So comparing Gideros to other engines is valid in my case, because ad networks and ad types may be available on other engines and not Gideros and vice versa. In my new game this is especially relevant, because it uses rewarded ads, and most of the ad networks in Gideros Ads Interface that support rewarded ads are not working because the Ads Interface is out of date or for some other reason.

    If other engines, Unity comes to mind, has better support for ad networks and ad types, that weighs in heavily when I choose what to go with for my next game.

    That said, if ads are not core to your revenue stream, then I agree with the previous comments; it comes down to development workflow and if your dev style is a nice fit with the engine. For me, Gideros is an ideal dev platform because of its flexibility and abstracted, minimalist way of working.

    Go Gideros!
    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
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