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Gideros Update 2015.03.22 - Gideros Forum

Gideros Update 2015.03.22

ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
edited April 2015 in Announcements
And new update is ready, here are current additions:
  • Making window to fit app [Alt+F]
  • Bringing player to front on launch
  • Passing all key events to Gideros with event->realCode, event->keyCode works as previously
  • Opening Gideros documents/resources/temp directory from player
  • Opening previously launched projects from player on desktop (use menu), android and ios (hold finger on screen for more than 5 seconds and release)
    Note: you need to relaunch project with this new player to be able to open it later
  • Receiving touch events (including multi touch) on desktop
  • Restart player's project [Ctrl+R]
  • Added Event.APPLICATION_RESIZE event for when window is resized, get new dimensions using respective application class method
  • Implemented Application:isPlayerMode() method returning true if project is running on player and false if as an app
  • Android player using immersive view by default
  • IOS fixing crash when only landscape supported in Gideros Player
  • Implemented Sprite setAnchorPosition/getAnchorPosition which changes Sprites relative anchor position in Sprite's internal coordinates. Meaning Sprite with dimensions 100x100 and anchor position of 50x50 would rotate around its center
  • Included plugin building in build workflow, each new build should include updated plugins now

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