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Gideros 2016.4 published! — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2016.4 published!

john26john26 Maintainer
edited April 2016 in Announcements
I'm proud to announce that Gideros 2016.4 has now been published!

New features:
  • HTML5 export now included in official releases! (thanks to those who funded the Kickstarter campaign!)
  • New keyboard event: EVENT.KEY_CHAR is now triggered on some platforms (QT, HTML5, WinRT) to allow grabbing textual representation of text typed on a physical keyboard.
  • Completely rethought the export system: introduce direct APK export (for Android) and app icon generation from a single visual (on some exports, work in progress)
  • Viewport object (inherits from Sprite): displaying same sprite hierarchy in multiple places, eg for split-screen games.
  • Cryptography: MD5 hash and AES128 encryption primitives
  • Lightweight Win32 Windows desktop export now promoted to beta. Now exports two executables one with a debugging console and one without. Largely feature complete but still lacks UrlLoader.
  • Path2D texture support
  • gdrdaemon: Handle player discovery
  • Path2D bounds computation
  • Gideros Studio: Handle player loss (as opposed to discovery)
  • LiquidFun issues
  • Windows Store apps: fixed scaling issue on low resolution Windows 10 devices
We've put a huge effort into this new release so, if you like it, please give us a "tip" when you download. You can also influence the direction of Gideros development by putting money into different categories on the download page. Thank you very much for your generosity!

Download Gideros 2016.4 here!

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