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Required: Java Developer to Implement Google Play Application Licensing as Plugin — Gideros Forum

Required: Java Developer to Implement Google Play Application Licensing as Plugin

moopfmoopf Guru
edited January 2013 in Marketplace

As I'm not a Java developer (and currently have no time to get into yet another language - I juggle enough them already) I'm looking for a Java developer to implement the Google Play Application Licensing system as a plugin for Gideros. Details on the licensing system are here:


I'm looking for the developer to implement, test, provide integration documentation (not looking for anything verbose, just enough to use the plugin) and fix any bugs found. If you need more information please feel free to post below. If you would like to submit a quote please do so (with a brief explanation of experience) either by PM here or by emailing me at info@moopf.com.

My budget isn't endless but I don't suspect this is a major job to integrate looking at the documentation. I'll be happy for the developer to either sell or make the plugin available for free after sign-off as i think it will be very useful for others.

Any questions, just let me know.




  • Bumping for the morning :)
  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    edited January 2013
    Actually I was trying to implement the same, but ditched it due to the fact that it would require the customer (paid customer) to have Internet connection to play the game (even if only for the first time).
    Which kind of reminded me a comic (can't find it right now) where due to the fight against the piracy, the publishers where basically shitting on the paying customers (with all those limitations).
    I know you'll have an opinion on that @moopf, you could not bother commenting, if you don't want to, just ignore it. ;)

    So the real reason I'm writing, is that I have a start on the plugin, so if anyone wants to take this job, I can provide with what I have (which basically is a Java side code and something from JNI and C to Lua). Basically all that is left is to bind couple of events from Java to Lua (haven't figured out completely how to do that yet), test it, probably fix some bugs :D and write the docs.

    Would have finished it myself, but I have end semester exams right now and very limited time. So if no one will apply, I can try to finish it in February ;)

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  • @ar2rsawseen - Yes, you need to handle it well. I was thinking of implementing it so that the first 'x' many times you launched it it tried to authenticate. If it couldn't it would wait until the 'x' has been reached and then it will only launch if it can authenticate. After that I don't think I'd authenticate again - I didn't imagine running it ad infinitum into the future :)

    Would be great if somebody could pick up your code. I'm still happy to pay for the remaining work to be done.
  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    edited January 2013
    I really don't remember in which state I left the project, but here's all I have for now, if someone is interested to pick it up.

    I remember the main problem was to create an instantaniable object in lua from C to bind events to (which as I said I haven't figured out yet, but probably it can be done now using GoogleBilling as example) ;)

  • I checked @ar2rsawseen document and methods.
    I prefer to implement using java. Licence servers need asynchronous communication and also you must be aware for offline usage. Sometimes users can not connect 1 month. Gideros is very flexible. You can embed code on main java file. I implemented licence server logic for slideme.org, at moment I am preparing for Soc.io and my custom licence server. I don't like Google Play. So I did not work for Google Play.
  • Hi @omer - right, thanks.
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