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Gideros 2019.9 released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2019.9 released

Hi Giderians,

Gideros 2019.9 is now out, with another set of additions and fixes. As usual you can read the full list of changes below to know what was done in this last version, but let me introduce a few of them.

This has been discussed several times on the forum, and several lua proposals have been posted here to achieve rendering of nine patch textures (I assume you all know the concept). Given that Gideros is now able to layout Sprites by itself, and in particular to resize Pixels, we decided to add native 9-patch support to Pixel class through a new method call: Pixel:setNinePatch

To make OOP easier, Gideros provides a Core.class() calls that allows to easily declare new object classes or subclasses. But until now, the parameters supplied in the constructor were used both for the new class constructor and for the superclass constructor, meaning that you had to be careful about the arguments you define for your new class constructor.
In Gideros 2019.9, you can supply a function as the second argument of Core.class. If present, this function will be called with the constructor arguments and its results will be sent to the superclass constructor. This way, you can hide the class hierarchy to the users of your class.

Here is the full list of changes:

New features

[core] Manage platform permissions from lua (android only currently)
[core] Handle 9-patch images in Pixel
[core] Allow to set stopPropagation on a sprite


[studio] Add themes contributed by @oleg, fix MetroDark (by @mokalux)
[core] Improve layout functionnality: fixes, more options, can now force layout and get more detailed results
[core] Allow to pass a function to Core.class to change superclass args
[android] Use official Apache HTTP Client library + log errors


[ios] Fix metal rendering issue
[html5] Ignore PNG related warning
[html5] Fix possible floating point issues
[fbig] Fix some API calls and update to 6.3

As usual you can get the latest version here:
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