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Gideros 2018.10: Get it now. — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2018.10: Get it now.

totebototebo Member
edited October 2018 in Announcements
Gideros 2018.9 described our vision for the future of game development. Today, we're extending that vision with significant advances across a number of areas:
  • Debugging! Step code, inspect variables, enjoy life.
  • Megacool plugin! A tool allowing sharing gameplay with animated GIFs. Check out the wiki.
  • Threads! No more faking. These threads don't lie.

Gideros 2018.10. Our most advanced SDK yet. Download for free


New features

[studio] Add debugging options (breakpoints/stepping/inspect variables)
[plugin/Threads] Introduce true threads plugin
[plugin/megacool] Add megacool support (Android only)


[studio] Improve auto completion proposals with icons
[studio] Update icons for HiDPI
[studio] Add preferences dialog
[android] Use GL ES 3 if available
[plugin/lfs] Add a lfs.drives() call to get a list of possible drives (win essentially)
[plugin/controller] Allow to control deadzone (Controller.setDeadZone(float)
[plugin/ads] update unity and applovin


[gfx] Avoid multiplying texture scale factor two times
[gfx] Fix TextureRegion:getRegion() parameter check
[plugin/ogg] Fix looping sound issue
[core] Fix Particles.setParticleSpeed

Download Gideros 2018.10 for free

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