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Hello all.

RamaBotRamaBot Member
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Hello all. I am Scott.

I am part of a father and son game development team. We do it for love first and money second.

After using Marmalade for a couple of years we stumbled across Gideros and have just decided to have a go at making a few games with it. It really does look like the perfect platform for fast game creation. We can focus on the game rather than all the tech stuff.

I have over 30 years of experience in as a game developer, releasing my first game "droids" on the commodore 64 in the good old days. I have written games for most systems over the years as a sole developer or part of a massive team.

If you would like to see some of our recent games then here are a couple of links to the games I have written with my Son "Sckewi" who is also joining this lovely development community.



It is just the two of us writing these games with the graphics being done by me so please be kind with your criticisms.

I hope to be able to contribute here and share some of my many years of programming and development experience.

Cheers. Scott.

http://www.devwilliams.com - Check out our games, including Codewords Infinite and Super Teddy Bubble Pop made with Gideros
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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    Hi Scott,
    Welcome on board!
  • Hello everyone . i am jacob carl . new to this board . Thank you.
  • Welcome @RamaBot and and @jacobcarl! I've made quite a few games over the last 15 years or so, and more recently I've released three games with Gideros. It's a great tool, it feels like you're cheating because you can use to prototype and make the full game. You'll love it.
    My Gideros games: www.totebo.com
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  • Really happy to welcome you on board!
    Good old Commodore 64 games :D ahh i missed them so much. I missed the times i played Barbarian with my brother.
  • antixantix Member
    Welcome @RamaBot and @jacobcarl. Pretty good for :programmer graphics" there RamaBot.
  • Thanks guys.

    Thanks for the comment about the graphics. Creating graphics is torture for me. I have always loved programming and I probably always will. I use Blender to build the 3d stuff and Photoshop for most other things. With a little done here and there with Paint.net. Blender really is a fantastic program for any indie developer.

    I have had a couple of days with Gideros now. It is absolutely superb. Deploying to the viewer over wifi is genius. So quick. I am going to start a game right away and will probably be writing plugins etc when I need them.

    I am really blown away by how flexible yet easy to use Gideros is.

    Cheers. Scott.

    http://www.devwilliams.com - Check out our games, including Codewords Infinite and Super Teddy Bubble Pop made with Gideros
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  • john26john26 Maintainer
    edited April 2016
    Hi Scott,

    It's great to welcome you here. So nice to meet someone from the good old days of 8 bit computing! I was a ZX Spectrum fan myself back in the day but C64 was also common here in the UK. My game, Nebula Retro was an attempt to recreate the style of those games -- not sure if I succeeded. It's open source now so you might want to take a look for coding hints etc (or download from Google Play)


    I look forward to seeing what you do with Gideros! You're right, Gideros is a great tool, simple and powerful (and free!) I can see the games you link are of high quality... Do you have a website with all your games over the years? That would be interesting!

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  • Hi john26

    Nice looking game you have there. I will definitely use your source as a resource. Thank you.

    Thanks for the comment on the quality of the games. We do try our best to make presentable products.

    I'm sorry but I don't keep a list of what I have done. Maybe I should get a list together someday. You may remember my first Megadrive game. "Krusty's Super Fun House". That was written in my bedroom when I was a young lad. All in assembler. All designed, Everything in that game was done by just two people. The Graphics were by pat Fox.

    You will be seeing a Gideros game from me within the next few weeks hopefully. It takes a while becuase I am really slow when creating graphics.

    I can't believe Gideros is free. I would at least pay something for it. I am planning to make donations on each update and a donation each time I release a game I have created with it. I would really love to see it grow :)

    Cheers. Scott.

    http://www.devwilliams.com - Check out our games, including Codewords Infinite and Super Teddy Bubble Pop made with Gideros
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  • antixantix Member
    A couple of weeks? Man I've been slaving away for like 8 months and still have no actual product. you noobs are making me look bad =))

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  • john26john26 Maintainer
    edited April 2016
    @RamaBot, thanks very much! We'd certainly appreciate a donation from anyone who could spare it. Donations are currently our only source of income. In the past we have also had Kickstarter projects for specific features. So please look out for more Kickstarter in future also!

    And yes, you have the right idea! We encourage users to donate for *each* release in recognition of the effort it takes to build and test a new version of Gideros (and the cool new features and bug fixes of course!). Gideros will always be free and open source but donations will ensure more features, more frequent releases, fewer bugs and better documentation
  • Hello!
    I'm still new to Gideros and I'm enjoying how much flexible it is to create things.

    Firstly, my name is Paulo, I'm Brazillian, I love technology and seek to grow on knowledge of programming and similars. I'm new to game development but not too new at programming itself but compared to you all I'm a baby on programming journey but you can asure that I can agregate my knowledges too. About Gideros, in so short time I'm amazed at how I could and can grow and how good is to create things in it.

    I can say that I'm an old games fan, and I have a curiosity to know about how 16 bit or 8 bit games were made. I feel amazed at how they could create things in so many limitations they had and lack of tools. If someone already had this experience on old game programming I'd love to know from you how It was.

  • matt55matt55 Member
    Hello , everyone ! My name id Matt . I'm mobile app developer from USA . Interesting in AR/VR technologies . Nice to meet you on this forum/
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  • olegoleg Member
    @matt55 Welcome
    my games:
    мій блог по гідерос https://simartinfo.blogspot.com
    Слава Україні!
  • Hey, Rama good to hear that you have made your passion as your profession. I have also made my passion as my profession and I am doing great. Got a job recently in an amazing app development company. It has some best set of developers. Cheers!!
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