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Widget library

techdojotechdojo Guru
edited March 2013 in Code snippets
Some of you may have noticed, that "the other sdk" has just released a new improved widget library, and in doing so has decided to make their old v1 widget library open source so that any existing developers who still need that support can still use it.


The code isn't the best example of Lua in the world, but... if anyone who is interested in writing more "business" type apps might be able to make use of it (or at least learn from it) to help them create their own widget library.

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  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    Hmm, for some reason I've expected it to be native widget library.

    One of the interesting things I've found is these error messages through out the code:
    if not self then print( "WARNING: The correct way to call method is with a ':' not a '.'" ); return; end
    Really thoughtful and helpful

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  • atilimatilim Maintainer
    edited March 2013
    @ar2rsawseen But if the function accepts any parameter, this check is useless:
    myObject.setX(10) --> here self is 10 and therefore it doesn't print any warnings
    But it can be improved by:
    if type(self) ~= "table" and type(self) ~= "userdata" then error("...") end
    But I like the idea :)
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  • and if not kindsof(classname) is supported will be perfect

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  • john26john26 Maintainer
    From Github

    "We should warn you that this code is very spaghetti-like. It's not clean and is highly unmaintainable"

    Hmm, I wonder what the *rest* of the Corona source code looks like...?
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  • point dude but who can explain this to corona fans who wants admob and lots of other features since years and still they are satisfied with corona

  • I was interested mainly to see how the "picker" widget was implemented.
    Still looks like there's lot to be learnt (even if it's how not to do it!)
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    #MakeABetterGame! "Never give up, Never NEVER give up!" - Winston Churchill
  • Very cool, now if I can find the time to dig through some spaghetti code for the tidbits that matter :)
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  • @atilim

    is if not kindsof(classname) or something similar available in Gideros?
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  • I'm new to Gideros.
    Other than this corona widget library, are there standard Gideros widgets available?
    One thing I want to build is something which allows editing data using widgets. Ideally a set of classes/functions/api which allows creating something akin to the android setup screens (Allowing textboxes, dropdowns, radio buttons, etc). Does anything exist like this in Gideros?

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  • more detail widget library is expected.
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