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Iab issues with Google Billing Library version 3 — Gideros Forum

Iab issues with Google Billing Library version 3

Hey, all. I'm assuming I'm missing something obvious, or if not what I'm running into must be something others would have encountered and solved:

With Gideros versions prior to 2021-5 (when Google billing version 3 was added) I can export an APK or bundle of my new game just fine, but Google won't accept it. With either the latest Gideros or with 20121-5, if my app includes the IAB plugin, I get errors when either by trying to export directly to a bundle, or if I try to build the export in Android Studio. The errors start with the line "import androidx.annotation.NonNull;" in IabGoogle.java. I get "Cannot resolve symbol 'NonNull".

I thought perhaps now any app using Iab for Google might also need the Google Licensing plugin (it would make sense) so I've added that, but that had no effect. I tried adding the Google Play Services plugin, despite being deprecated, but that just introduced new errors.

It does build if I have the Iab and deprecated Google Play Services plugins included and not the Google Licensing plugin, except that final step (RmDir: tmp) fails, because OpenJDK Platform still has something open in that folder. The APK or bundle gets built, so that's my workaround for the moment, but it seems like I must be missing something if the only way I can get an export to build is with the deprecated plugin.

I've gone as far as uninstalling and reinstalling both Gideros and Android Studio, but the problem persists.

Any ideas?



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