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Gideros 2020.5 Released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2020.5 Released

SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
edited May 2020 in Announcements
@Hgy29 just made a great release of Gideros...

There are two additions that really need emphasising:
Gideros now supports XBox One! If you use the UWP export it will also work on the XBox One. To do this @hgy29 also added controller support for UWP! We will add instructions on how to fully develop games for the XBox One on the Wiki soon, but there are notes on the forum on how to do it already.

HTML5 now has controller support! This wasn't as easy as it first appeared and we should all give an extra thanks to @hgy29 for finally getting it to work... perfectly! :)

There is a new joypad demo so you can study it to add controller support to all your games for all platforms. It also shows a way to 'inject' keyboard input to make it easy to support both easily.

See the full list of changes below.

New features
[uwp] Now supporting Xbox One platform
[plugin/controller] Support UWP raw controllers
[plugin/controller] Support HTML5

[plugin/controller] report hardware ids on windows
[plugin/fastnoise] Merge recent additions by @Rraptor
[uwp] Migrate to VS2019/Runtime v142
[studio] Upgrade to Qt 5.14.2
[ui/export] Gideros can read lua files and infer noexec and dependencies from tags in the file
[examples] Add controller plugin demo

[plugin/controller] Fix name reporting on win/html
[ios/require] Include a default NSLocation message if GPS isn't used
[ios] Fixes for Metal (liquidfun particle shader, RenderTarget upside down, RenderTarget commit)
[export/fbig] Load Instant library before gideros code

[plugin/ads] Removal of UWP/WinRT Ads support due to Microsoft discontinuing its Ad SDK.

As usual, you can get the latest version here:
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