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Gideros 2019.12 released — Gideros Forum

Gideros 2019.12 released

Gideros 2019.12 is finally here.

I know some of you have been waiting for it, but it turned out changes have been heavier than expected. We decided to make one more step forward in 3D land with this version, to further explore what Gideros could do: this time Gideros adds support for geometry instancing (on Mesh) and Shadow Mapping (by enabling render targets to capture depth layer) for all platforms, that is OpenGL/GLES (v3 is required for those features), UWP/DX11 and Metal.
Two more demos/exemples have been added to cover these additions.

A few more minor additions, yet useful:
- Path2D:setFillColor now accepts gradients, in the way way Pixel:setColor does.
- Pixel now accepts TextureRegion

See the full list of changes below.

New features

[Core] Allow instanced rendering on Meshes
[plugin] Add fastnoise plugin by @MultiPain


[core] Add accuracy and source to geolocation events
[core] Report magnetic X,Y,Z values in Geolocation heading event
[core/gfx] Use GL ES 3/ WebGL 2 is available
[core/Path2D] Allow gradients in setFillColor
[ui/examples] Rework 3D exemples, remove cubemap as it doesn't work anymore
[examples] Add 3D animation
[examples] Add instancing demo
[ios/metal] General improvements and support instancing+depth textures
[html5] Update to emscripten upstream, switch to WASM compltely as a consequence


[studio] Fix dependency graph being lost
[studio] Fix newly linked directories leading to file I/O issues
[core/fonts] Fix text layouts positionning, add more options
[uwp] run open url on UI thread
[android] Allow reads from http connections
[android] Possible fix for OpenSl crash (#450, #480)
[android] Only comment out uses-sdk for AAB
[ios/metal] Don't clear error log before displaying
[ios/metal] inline shaders functions shall not be called main: use vmain and fmain instead

As usual, you can get the latest version here:
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