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GiderosMobile for best game engine...

SinisterSoftSinisterSoft Maintainer
edited October 23 in Announcements
Let's see if we can win the Pocket Gamer award for best game engine...


Please nominate us!
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  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer

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  • I believe all who have liked have also nominated gideros.

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  • Added :)
    As I see it:
    As of 2019, Gideros, just out of the box, has pretty much everything you need to create apps and games for desktop and mobile:
    GLSL Shaders, Physics (LiquidFun), Meshes, Particles, Texturepacks, Tilemaps, Blend modes, Stencil, IAP/Ads, JSON, Skeletal animations (Spine/Dragonbones), Sockets & real-time multiplayer (PhotonCloud/Noobhub/Colyseus), and plenty of other plugins built-in.

    Besides that, few more advantages can be mentioned:
    - Instant on-device testing
    - True Multithreading
    - Various Lua enhancements
    - Facebook Instant Games support
    - Unique async calls system (besides regular enterframe callbacks, we can write a program "sequentially", like we would have written for the Commodore 64 or DOS PC, ie assuming our program has complete control of the computer)
    - Built-in Profiler
    - Built-in Debugger
    - Full assets encryption
    - Offline builds (you don't have to expose your code and assets to any server and don't depend on internet connection)
    - Fully free and open-source
    > Newcomers roadmap: from where to start learning Gideros
    "What one programmer can do in one month, two programmers can do in two months." - Fred Brooks
    “The more you do coding stuff, the better you get at it.” - Aristotle (322 BC)
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