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Just released: Letteremix

Fellow Gideros fans,

I've just released Letteremix, a new word game with a twist. You score points for forming words, including all the words within words, and you can overlap words to reuse letters. Longer words score more points, but what really pays off is forming words that contain lots of others. For example, "MOTHERS" also scores points for OTHERS, OTHER, MOTHER, MOTH, HER, HER, HERS and THE. Unlike a lot of word games, there's usually no single solution to any given level. The more creative you can be, and the bigger your vocabulary, the more ways there are to rack up points.

It starts out pretty simple, but gets progressively more challenging. There are infinite levels, with an algorithm varying a lot of factors to provide variety. New features like special tiles and power-ups get introduced as you progress, and each of those, and the combinations of them, require adapting your strategy. The beta feedback has been really positive. I've had reports of frequent players of the top ranked word games giving those games up because they like Letteremix better.

So it's on the App Store and Google Play now. I'd really, really appreciate it you'd download it, check it out, and leave a review. Those downloads and reviews in the first few days can be a huge boost for an app from an indie developer.



Thanks everyone for your support!

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