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What makes Gideros unique...

Apollo14Apollo14 Member
edited December 2018 in General questions
Hi guys!

If we imagine ourselves in the place of a developer who's interested in game making and is choosing a game engine.
He takes a look at Gideros website, maybe checks forum...
He wants to know why exactly choose Gideros, what is there so good, why not choose corona or whatever else.

If we had to make a 'landing page', what would we place there?
- Instant on-device testing
- Unique async calls system (with link to examples)
- True multi-threading
- Built-in profiler and debugger out of the box
- etc..
What would you suggest if we had to make a very concrete list?
(maybe we should make such page at least on gideros wiki?)


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> Newcomers roadmap: from where to start learning Gideros
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