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RPG-styled dialogues [how to?] - Gideros Forum

RPG-styled dialogues [how to?]

Apollo14Apollo14 Member
edited September 2018 in Code snippets

I was trying to create RPG-styled dialogue class, like here:

Easiest solution I was thinking about:
local function sayPhrase(textfield_ID, phrase)
		for i=1, #phrase do
Core.asyncCall(sayPhrase, eng_textfield, "Hi there! My name is Alice!")
But for some reason non-english characters rendering is extremely slow, textfield is blinking when we use simple "setText" method:
gproj with replicated issue:
(I've tested both Font.new, TTFont.new, and different system fonts;
with Core.asyncCall and with Timers
in both desktop&mobile players, and in exported apk)

I've already asked about RPG-styled dialogues before, @antix had another solution, using Rendertarget.
But this method doesn't work for non-english characters.

I'm thinking about covering text with Pixel, then gradually decrease Pixel's width from left to right so characters will be gradually uncovered.

How would you solve it? :smile:
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