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Gideros 2018.9 - Studio addons

It is the end of holidays, kids are back to school, adults are back to work, and Gideros too!

Gideros 2018.9 brings many fixes and new features, and one feature in particular: Studio addons.
Studio addons are a way to integrate extra tools with Gideros Studio: sound editors, map editors, code generators, etc. The best: you can develop them with gideros itself.
They run a a standard gideros/lua environment and can call studio apis (currently limited to project files management but that will evolve in the future). A few examples are included in Gideros, as well a real addon: a sound editor for GSFXR plugin.

Another noticeable feature: Gideros built-in layout system is now out of beta and documented. (http://docs.giderosmobile.com/reference/gideros/Sprite/setLayoutConstraints#Sprite:setLayoutConstraints). It can be used to layout sprites dynamically and make them respond to size changes automatically.

Googleplay plugin is now deprecated, and all of its functionnality has been merged into gaming plugin.
And a native spine plugin (doc not ready yet sorry!) is now available.

New features

[core] document layout system and add missing related constants
[studio] Introduce addons system, with GSFXR sound editor addon
[studio] Add more examples (gestures, async tasks, addons)
[plugin/spine] Native version of spine plugin


[studio] Add fullscreen mode (Settings/F11)
[android] Update project to recent versions of AS/Tools
[android] Allow to remove ARM libs
[android] Add an option to timestamp the APK file
[plugin/gaming] Update gaming plugin to work with recent APIs and integrate googleplay plugin functionnality


[core] Fix compatibility of some classes with fake threads
[android] fix a no response issue after unlock the screen on some device
[html5] Hides highlight that shows on iPhone 6+ when using a browser and Gideros content exported to HTML5.
[html5] request an alpha capable buffer
[fbinstant] Correct API typo with createAsync
[plugin/ads/admob] Fix for bug outlined here: #394
[plugin/cbump] Fix issues #404 & #405

Download it now:
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