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Peaky Climb, a new game from me - Gideros Forum

Peaky Climb, a new game from me

A few weeks ago @Apollo14 asked a question regarding the mechanics of Rocky Climb. I was intrigued and mashed a quick prototype together that mimicked the mechanics and posted it in his thread (http://giderosmobile.com/forum/discussion/7384/rocky-climb-mechanics-how-to#latest) (code included).

I then downloaded Rocky Climb and was enjoying it, however it's buggy as hell and it's hard to play for even 3 or 4 minutes without it crashing. And then there's the tsunami of forced adverts.. euwwwwww.

So I decided since I liked the game style I'd take my prototype code and make a clone. It has taken a couple of weeks of moderate work but now I've published my Rocky Climb clone on the Google Play Store.. it's called.. Peaky Climb :D

Please do give it a little try and leave a review please (good or bad) :)

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