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Question about TNT particle engine - Gideros Forum

Question about TNT particle engine

newbie2018newbie2018 Member
edited March 2018 in General questions
Hi, recently I test about TNT particle engine.
In general it works if it is created at "stage", but not inside another Sprite.
For example:
I have this inside by Item Sprite class
self.emitter_1 = CEmitter.new(0,0,0, self)
which means that, each Item Sprite would start its own particle system.

Note that original tutorial is something like:
self.emitter_1 = CEmitter.new(0,0,0, stage)
And when I add the Item Sprite in my scene (3 of them, side by side), the particle engine seems not working properly.

To explain a little further, if I touch from left to right, it works at the first time. BUT, at the 4th touch (on the first button), the particle/touch event fails to emit from the original button (but it emits from the rightest button)

I am curious I miss out anything?
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