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Gideros Website Upgrade

antixantix Member
edited February 2018 in Roadmap
Hey everybody. It seems to be the general consensus that the Gideros website needs an extreme makeover so let's have a frank discussion about the current state of the website and where we would like to see the website in the future.

When thinking about the Gideros website.
  • What things do like about the website?
  • What things do you dislike about the website?
  • What features do you use on a regular basis?
When thinking about changes to the Gideros website
  • What features would you like to see removed?
  • What features would you like to see added?
  • What features would you like see changed?
And finally how do you envision the website overall
  • Its purpose, look, and feel
I'll get the ball rolling :)
What I like
  • It is there and it works
  • It is aesthetically pleasing
What I dislike
  • The stuff from years of deferred maintenance
What do I use?
  • Nothing anymore (as a new user I used the reference and other tutorial links)
What I would remove
  • Paid tools (those people don't need free advertising)
  • Gideros Fiddle (needs more assets and a list of examples to be used in production)
  • App Showcase (unless somebody is going to maintain it)
  • Logins (A forum login is all you should ever need IMHO)
  • Developer Profiles (way too many and too much spam in there)
  • All the social networking stuff, nobody seems to be using that
  • The Blog (unless somebody is going to make regular updates to it)
What I would change
  • Documentation (the "guide" or "Getting Started" page should take the new user through the process of downloading, installing, and coding a few little things in Gideros)
  • Tutorials (old ones need updating, and a lot just need to go)
  • Less overall content but a better quality of content
How I think the website should be
  • When a viewer first arrives at the Gideros website they should be able to immediately get an idea of what Gideros is, what it's main features are, and be called to action to download and give Gideros a try.
  • The website exists to gain new users and have information there specifically for them to access until they have spread their wings and no longer need that proverbial nest.
  • I feel the website should be fairly basic with a simple layout. To me that's all the website really needs to be.
So now it's your turn to have your say.. don't be shy, speak up :)

EDIT: I've uploaded a version of what I think would be a nice starting website for Gideros. All feedback is appreciated.


Please note I'm not a web designer by trade :D

Oh and if anyone finds the site slow.. it's because it's a 100% free host. The production site will run much faster :)

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