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Upgrade/Update Gideros instructions


I want to upgrade from version 2017.10 to the current version. I tried researching how to do this on the internet and found very little and what I did find was quite old (from 2012).

It appears there is no actual "upgrade" or "update" method and that you have to download and install the current version. I'm fine with that, but I'm not completely sure of how to do this, specifically, do I need to uninstall the version I currently have installed and then install the new version. Or can I leave my current version installed and just run the Gideros installer I downloaded?

Whatever is correct, it would be nice to include this information on the website where it can be easily found. Example: there could be a note on the download page that says something like, "If you are downloading Gideros to upgrade an older version, do this." Or if the instructions for upgrading are too long for a note, there could be a page for this and the "do this" in the previous quote could be a link to that page.

Thanks for your help.


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