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Why not design game very large so it scales down? - Gideros Forum

Why not design game very large so it scales down?

rpallenrpallen Member
edited November 2017 in Game & application design
I’m reading “Gideros Mobile Game Development” by Arturs Sosins. He seems to recommend using logical dimensions of 480x800 to be somewhere in the middle of the different screen sizes. In his discussion of scaling, he mentions using anti-aliasing to improve image quality when scaling up. The also mentions using image suffixes to use different image sizes for different screen resolutions.

I’m not disputing what he says to do, but I’d like to understand something. Why isn’t it easier to just make everything bigger to begin with and then almost all of the scaling will be down, I don’t know how to make vector graphics (and I’m not especially anxious to learn ANOTHER new thing) so when I make images in GIMP, I make them very big so I can reduce them without the loss of quality you get when you make something bigger.

Again, why can’t I just make the game very big so when it scales, it scales down, not up. And yes, I know that bigger images make bigger file sizes, but isn’t that better than having multiple files of the same picture?


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