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Kenney Jam 2017

antixantix Member
edited July 2017 in Announcements
Hey everyone. I read the other day that Kenney is running a Kenney Jam! So the rules are that all of your assets need to be from one of Kenney's trillions of asset packs.

Read more here... https://itch.io/jam/kenney-jam-2017

Is anyone interested in participating? I seriously considering it and it would be a great way to get Gideros out there and better known :)
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  • HubertRonaldHubertRonald Member
    edited August 2017
    @antix When I read your post I thought that it was Global Game Jam (GGJ), but I see it and it's another competition.

    Really I wanna be inside in this competition. I saw the list the persons what are subscribed and everybody's going to use Unity. It is a great opportunity (like you said) for " way to get Gideros out there and better known" and also for us of course!

    In the case GGJ you must to give them your source code but in Kenny Jam's site I didn't find any information about this point.

    Another question important is who of us (team) are going to published on android and/or app store the game (it for me is a gray cloud) after that competition is over.

    Of my experience is better that first we'll talk about these points and after we could be write the agreements (Don't signing because it isn't Civil War of Marvel :) ) In order to avoid misunderstandings in future about copyright... or we simply could be say this project is open source and present it as a case study to our gideros community.

    I think collective intelligence is much better than individual intelligence. That's why I'm more interested in participating in team than alone.

  • @HubertRonald there was something there about you not having to share your source code. I'll try to locate that.

    If I am able to do this then I will probably be going solo as I already have pretty much the entire game planned out. All I need to actually do now is code it :-))
  • - Submit your game within the date and time listed above.
    - You're allowed to work alone or with a team.
    - You must use game assets (2D sprites, 3D models and textures) available on the Kenney website.
    - Only pre-made game assets may be used, no Asset Forge.
    - Sound files (sound effects and music) and fonts can be custom made or gathered from other sources.
    - You'll hold all rights for any submission you make (all our assets are public domain licensed).
    - Uploading the source of your submission is allowed but not mandatory.
    - You may also use exclusive game assets distributed through Patreon or in the game assets bundles.
  • Hi @antix really I'm surprised @-)... how have you prepared a specific conceptual game, if kenny hasn't shown in what it's going to consist gameplay theme yet?
    -Gameplay theme: Will be announced on August 25th.

    I can understand you if you say you've got some codes prepared as menus, interfaces, maybe game template to I give you some examples... I suppose that in this point we can be agreement.

    In another hand, I don't want to miss the opportunity and wish you success in this competition ;)
  • @HurertRonald okay well I don't know how I missed that.. I thought the theme would be left open :(

    I'm also not fully sure how the code side of things works. I was under the impression that you coded everything from scratch.
  • Don't worry @antix... if you still want participate with somebody... it'll be a pleasure for me participe with you

    Likes: antix

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