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HTML5 and the |D| Flag

SckewiSckewi Member
edited June 2017 in Suggestions & requests
Hi all :)

I've discovered that when saving player data (as in game progress, levels complete, scores etc) using the io.open and the |D| flag in HTML5, the data is locked to the path on the website that wrote the data. So for example www.xyz.com/game/2/gideros.html can't read save data written by www.xyz.com/game/1/gideros.html.

Unfortunately this causes a problem on some hosts, where each new version of your app is uploaded to a new subfolder. Your player's save data is lost whenever you upload a new version.

I've managed to get around it using JS.eval and localStorage, but it would be nice if the built in |D| flag didn't have this problem.

Kind regards,
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