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Gideros 2017.4.1 Available Now!

antixantix Member
edited April 2017 in Announcements
We are pleased to announce that Gideros 2017.4.1 is now available.

Click Here to download and donate to the cause :)

Support alpha only textures for fonts to reduce memory requirement
Switch to freetype 2.7.1 to improve font rendering
Allow numerical value for TTFont smoothing
Propagate mouse buttons into touch events and add modifiers
Use VBO more wisely
Add a method to control VBO usage (Shader.enableVBO())
gdrbridge now accepts a port in addition to ip in play command

Gideros Studio
Sort content of .gproj file to ease git/svn merging

Export system
Do not encrypt mp3 on iOS and android (background player)

WinRT export is now XAML based
Support pubcenter ads (microsoft advertising)
Plugin scripts for all supported plugins
Show/Hide virtual keyboard on winrt

Player mode support
Allow to post gideros events from javascript side
Implement getLanguage()
Allow packed and original versions: tradeoff between size and memory requirements
Allow unencrypted but host locked scripts to share the same key
Display app errors in HTML

Media: Add 'getFile' and 'saveFile' methods for desktop
Require: Add support for 2.1 screens

Plugin/Camera: Fix cleanup for iOS
Plugin/Microphone: fix initialisation on Android
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