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Gideros 2016.8.2 released!

john26john26 Maintainer
edited September 2016 in Announcements
We are pleased to announce the release of Gideros 2016.8.2. This is mainly a bugfix release fixing some problems found in 2016.8.1. Here's what we have done:

New features

* Added plugin installation for iOS

* Tab switching by ctrl+tab (or cmd+tab) in gideros studio IDE.

* Allow exporting player only (to create a new Gideros Player with plugins)

* User can provide Splash background colour

* User can disable Splash for Android and HTML

* Android returns device type (tv, appliance, car or mobile) on getDeviceInfo

* Add additional win32 plugins on export to nearly match those available for Windows Desktop export (bitop, clipper, controller, json, lfs, lpeg, SQLite, luasocket, microphone, struct)

* Negative indexes support (-1, -2, ...) for Sprite:getChildAt(index), SpriteBinder:removeChildAt(index) and Sprite:swapChildrenAt(index1, index2) to get sprites from top

* Macro functions

Bug fixes

* OSX looking for plugins in correct place

* Fixing memory leaks in shader

* Fix for cpu time being used by OpenAL on suspend (android)

* Remove old macros from Gideros Studio (macros are automatically activated if you use the @ symbol in Lua code, so the "toggle macros" option in the Setting menu has been removed)

* Fixed controller plugin for desktops.

We hope you enjoy Gideros 2016.8.2 and look forward to your comments!

Download Gideros 2016.8.2
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  • XmanXman Member
    edited September 2016
    Thanks for all the wonderful works.
    +1 for the relativeFilePath for luac, however it produced an even longer result in the compiled script like this ../../../../Users/xxx/codes/lua/game/main.lua
  • Awesome! Thanks for releasing this so quickly.
  • Thanks for allowing the splash screen to be disabled.

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  • It was before - but you had to manually change a flag in the code.

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  • exporting player only, the player can not be discovered.
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer
    On which platform ? I admit I tested android and iOS only...
  • On which platform ? I admit I tested android and iOS only...
    Oh,sorry.it's caused by the damned new feature on iOS 10,wifi is disabled for the player.
  • Hey, awesome work but I'm not sure how the automatic plugin stuff works.

    The plugins selection window is empty and seems to be no obvious way to add any. Do they need to be in a specific place for the exporter to find them?

    I'm running on a mac by the way.

  • john26john26 Maintainer
    Yes, this is a known problem. Please go to the folder where Gideros Studio is installed and move the "All Plugins" folder into Gideros Studio.app/Contents. You should then be able to see something in the plugins export window.
  • jdbcjdbc Member
    edited September 2016
    How can I check Lua syntax with Gideros Studio now?

    From Tools > Check Syntax but nothing happens...
  • On windows it works, on OSX it doesn't - path name issue.

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  • thanks @john26 , that worked but it only shows a select few, i'm guessing the ads plugins aren't available with this yet?
  • @billydb The plugin export doesn't work on Mac yet. You can move the folder to see the plugins, but when you export nothing is copied.
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  • One of these days, could we get the Deployment Target in the iOS Player app set to 6.0 or above by default? It's set to 5.1.1 right now, and won't compile on account of the bitcode setting.

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  • jdbcjdbc Member
    edited September 2016
    On windows it works, on OSX it doesn't - path name issue.
    I was using Mac OS, any way to solve it?
  • Not currently, but I think it may be fixed in the 2016.9 release (out soon I think).
  • The new implementations are very interesting and has been fixed the bug with the player.
    New problem, any app (even examples) exported to HTML5 does not work.
    When you open your local Firefox or hosting on a server, unlike previous versions of the exported app in HTML5 does not run in the browser. You see the progress bar it loads, but then is just a blank screen.
    Interestingly the logo of Gideros is not displayed above the progress bar although the file gideros.png be present in the directory.

    Again, I thank the attention and work or Development team.
  • n1cken1cke Maintainer
    I hope upcoming release will help because HTML5 export in it works well for me. I tested it locally on Firefox 49.0.2 for Windows 10 x64 with "Desert" and "Shapes" examples.

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  • I hope upcoming release will help because HTML5 export in it works well for me. I tested it locally on Firefox 49.0.2 for Windows 10 x64 with "Desert" and "Shapes" examples.
    I downloaded all versions of 2016. Year Gideros In all of 2016.04 after the export is html5 does not work here in Windows 7 or Ubuntu (16 .04) through Wine 1.7.5. Just commenting that some popular codes also stopped working as the TNT (but this is the author of such codes).
    Good will following the new versions and commenting on the crazy things that happens in my computer. And production will using the 2016.04 :)
  • hgy29hgy29 Maintainer

    New problem, any app (even examples) exported to HTML5 does not work.
    HTML5 worked ok for me for all releases except for the buggy 2016.8. When you get a blank page after loading an HTML5 exported project, open the developer console (usually F12) to see what happened internally.

  • the html export is not working me neither, i tried on win10 firefox and chrome. even the bird anim example is not working.

    the end of the developer console error log:
    uncaught exception: abort(27) at jsStackTrace@file:///D:/downloads/Bird%20Animation/gideros.js:1:27776
    Browser_mainLoop_runner/<<a href="/profile/file">@file</a><img class="emoji" src="/resources/emoji/confused.png" title=":/" alt=":/" height="20" />//D:/downloads/Bird%20Animation/gideros.js:1:147071
  • Hi guys, I know that you're all super busy, but do you have any idea of when a new release of Gideros is likely to be out?

    I only ask as we have a new game coming out soon very soon.
  • n1cken1cke Maintainer
    edited November 2016
    @simwhi: very likely this week.
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  • Yes, all seems ok. John is making a build right now - if all ok then it will be released. :)

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