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Use Persian/Arabic font in Gideros

e2000e2000 Member
edited August 2016 in General questions
Hi, I want to use gideros to make local games and i love it!
But after study and test, i found that the gideros cannot show the persian or arabic language words correctly.

I've also working with Corona SDK and it has no problem with this issue! since this problem is not from LUA language.

The issue is that these languages are "right to left" and also the letters can be bounded if have no space between them and each letter may have several types of writing to be display .

As you see in the image i attached, the sample word that is in the right side (number 2) is the correct form in persian and the other word in the left side is the same word output in gideros player.

Related code :
local font = TTFont.new("BNazanin.TTF", 120)
local textfield = TextField.new(font,"سلام")
Any one have any idea to how fix this problem?

I know persian and arabic languages very well and I am a volunteer for help to resolve this problem.




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