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Analytics tools for Gideros

uzubariuzubari Member
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Recently I had to deal with some different analytics tools for Gideros, I will try to sum up the results in this thread,
I will start by simple notes and try to expand them as I learn, Hope this will be helpful for bringing up the available tools together.

Firstly, let us see which tools are available;
Flurry (Yahoo):
Available for both Android and ios, I have tried the Android version and it is working perfect. But the data is delayed compared to Fabric, and there are different tools to view different part of the data.

Fabric(Twitter)-->Answers: (ios only)
When you install the Crashlytics framework (https://github.com/bowerhaus/BhCrashlytics) you will have a bonus; "the Answers framework",
You do not need to do additional coding or integration, you just need to activate it from the fabric app and you will
have many awesome data regarding your app/game like; Retentions, Daily usage, sessions length, session count, active users, inactive users, and so on,
Available Metrics;
it is possible also to send custom events, needs modification of Crashlytics plugin.
Attached screens are examples from Crashlytics.

The data is real time which is very good but the events cannot be analysed throughly, you do not have funnels or cohorts,
You see a summary of the events.

Google Analytics
Here is the plugin (ios only ) written by @mehmetuysal https://github.com/mehmetuysal/gideros-google-analytics
I had issues in installing the preliminary steps.
Facebook Analytics
When you integrate Facebook SDK, Facebook starts to collect data from your app and provide you Good demographics info, Retention and session info.
Custom Events are also possible, I guess here we need to modify the FB plugin to be able to send the custom events.
An extensive tool which includes everything you need to analyse in your applications.
Gideros plugin not exist yet, would be good to have.
I think It would suit for Enterprise level customers/users who wants more control on their own data.

REST Api based plugin provided by @totebo in the following thread.
I have not tried it but, since this is a REST based implementation, it would suit for all platforms.
And you will not have to deal with plugin installation.

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