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Gideros 2016.6 released!

john26john26 Maintainer
edited June 2016 in Announcements
Dear All

I am delighted to announce the latest version of Gideros, Gideros 2016.6. This release has following new features and improvements:

New features

Introduce a threading system allowing to launch tasks in background
New Pixel sprite, a simple and fast rectangular coloured sprite
New Particles sprite (alpha), which allows to draw several identical dots or bitmaps with varying colour and orientation
Releases now include offline docs
New examples
Lua 5.1 'universal' bytecode
UTF8 string library


Matrix object promoted to full 4x4 (3D) matrix
Matrix has sprite transform functions as well as direct scale/rotate/translate/multiply
Pixels can be retrieved from a render target through RenderTarget:getPixels()
Win32 target general improvements (fixed autorotation issue and UrlLoader now supported)
Shaders constants can now be set on a sprite by sprite basis
Viewport can now be used to render 3D scenes with different perspectives
Switched to QT 5.6 (fix multi monitor issues with gideros studio)
Updated luasockets to 3.0rc1 (for IPv6 access)


Allow to remove a shader from a Sprite through Sprite:setShader(nil)
Fixed concurrency issue in UrlLoader on Android, causing random crashes
Fixed Render target clear/clipping
Android fixed orientation issue on screen suspend
Fixed export complete dialog appears only after export is finished
Logical scale now applies to Z axis too
HTML5 fix mouse buttons reporting
Fixed blur shader example to be GL ES compliant

Please download the new version here:

Download Gideros 2016.6

Please do give us a "tip" if you can afford it. Donations are currently our only source of income and things like website hosting, new equipment for testing (phones, computers, consoles etc) cost money. And we are also using donations to fund a member of staff. If 10% of people who download Gideros can contribute £10 each to Gideros 2016.6 we can sail through all our income targets! So please give us any amount you can afford and thank you all for donating to the last release.

I'd like to thank all the contributors for their work in this excellent release and look forward to discussing all the new features here in the forum!
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