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Looking to hire someone, to design a website for my games (Sorted) — Gideros Forum

Looking to hire someone, to design a website for my games (Sorted)

NinjadoodleNinjadoodle Member
edited May 2016 in Marketplace
I'm looking for some quotes on how much it would be to create a website very similar to http://1button.co

I would provide the design and images and all the measurements etc.

If have a portfolio of stuff you have done, or some links to your work, that would be awesome.

I need this site to be fully compliant with the web standards and easy for me to update and add new content (i have some basic html, css knowledge).

Thank you in advance!


  • ozergulozergul Member
    you can contact me. I can do it with wordpress.
  • Hi @ozergul

    Thank you for your response. I'm really trying to get away from Wordpress, as I don't won't the overhead. I'm looking at basic html/css.

    For now, I've found a solution :) I will post again of it doesn't work out.

    Thank you again!
  • CesarCesar Member
    For a blog or news I think wordpress is a good idea. If you don't need them, basic html/css is fine.
  • ozergulozergul Member
    I thought that dynamic website is useful for you but I was wrong :)

    I am glad to you find a solution. If you change your decision, I am here. :)
  • NinjadoodleNinjadoodle Member
    edited May 2016
    Hi guys

    Thanks again for the replies! I've used Wordpress for years, but find it very bloated, when all I need to do is feature some games and let people play them. Static pages are so much faster. When I get an influx of traffic, my site crashes very easily with Wordpress, not to mention the headaches with security, hackers, plugins, using super-cache etc.

    I've had enough and trying something different lol. If my solution doesn't work out, I'll get in touch :)

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  • simwhisimwhi Member
    @Ninjadoodle I hand-crafted our website by using html/css/bootstrap. Bootstrap is great for making websites responsive.

  • I would be interested too as a reference project. What solution do you use now?
  • antixantix Member
    I agree, Wordpress is really bloaty and content management is a pain in the butt.
  • Regarding Wordpress, you really have to keep it updated and don't use stuff you don't know in an out. I had 3 different blogs hosted on my own webspace hacked. They inserted scripts and stuff like that. Nasty shit.
  • NinjadoodleNinjadoodle Member
    edited May 2016
    Hi guys

    @simwhi - Awesome! Thanks for the link. I've actually had a look at you site before, and think it's cool! I also like what you guys are doing :)

    @MikeHart - I was looking for the easiest possible solution to help me create a 'mobile friendly' site (not responsive, as that doesn't suit what I'm doing), in the style of 1button.co

    I've made some basic websites in HTML and CSS before, but don't want to go through all that again and would rather focus on game making.

    I've found http://www.everwebapp.com - I bought a license and I have to say, that it's the easiest, most straight forward drag and drop website builder, I've ever used. If I have my graphics ready and so on, I can literally pump out a website within 15 minutes. I made a little test and my site looks EXACTLY how I want it, on both Desktop and Mobile. The pages also load VERY fast.

    After dropping Flash a while ago, I've had a bit of downtime making games - deciding on a technology and so on. Now I'm basically doing a reboot of my business and want to make sure that I'm in complete control over layout, ad placements etc.

    As soon as I finish my design, I will show you guys :)

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