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Graphic User Interfaces

antixantix Member
Hey all,

Some recent questions on the forum made me wonder what other people use for their GUI's. Do you roll your own? Do you use one you found online? Was it free or did you purchase it?

And what do you use to actually edit your GUI's with? Do you use some editor or do you enter GUI data manually?

I know @SinisterSoft has started making his own GUI system which looks very flexible. What does everyone else do?

Currently I'm working on my own GUI system (loosely based on Widget Candy) and am also making an editor for it.

EDIT: The latest version of my GUI Editor can be found in this post.

Version 1.0.1
- Fixed some minor issues with exporting the wrong types (oops).
- HScrollBar and VScrollBar are now exported with the same name "ScrollBar) to fit in with my own GUI system.
- When starting, the editor now remembers the last folder it was in.
- Added "Export JSON" feature so you can now export the GUI as a JSON file or LUA source.
Antix GUI Editor V1.0.1.png
1512 x 768 - 172K
Antix GUI Editor.zip
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