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texturepack@2x on @1x device resolution slows app loading - Gideros Forum

texturepack@2x on @1x device resolution slows app loading

piepie Member
edited January 2016 in Bugs and issues
I recently merged a lot of textures in a unique texturepack for my game, hoping that it would improve switching image speed a bit:
I was using image autoscaling and made a @2x image/texturepack wih the same textures.

However since when I inserted the big (4096x2048) @2x image in my gideros project, something "strange" happens on my phone (galaxy s2) which should use the base image @1x:

everytime i press "play" in gideros studio the image@2x and its .txt file are re-uploaded to player (even if there is no need for update). This won't happen on my tablet (which uses the @2x image).

In addition - and this is my issue - the loading time of the game on the phone doubles, as if it is trying to load the @2x image too, then it falls back to @1x and everything works as it should.

Is this the expected behaviour? The doubled loading time is really too much. :)

Thank you

p.s. I am still on gideros 2015.09


  • ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
    Accepted Answer
    1) player should be uploading all graphics, because which graphics to load is determined run time. And of course, it should not be reuploading it all the time.
    2) it should not load 2x graphic and fallback to 1x, unless phone is suitable (closer to 2x and it can't open that file)

    So the only scenario I could see this happening is:

    Phone is more suitable for 2x graphics, but for some reason your 2x graphic cannot be uploaded or saved on phone.

    What is the resolution for 1x graphics and what is your phone's resolution? 1536 x 2048 ?

  • piepie Member
    @ar2sawseen thank you: in the end there is no issue; I didn't notice that I was out of storage on device (for the records, some hundreds Mb of free space were not enough) :)
    It was creating the files, but these were empty (0 byte each) so they were uploaded each time; as for the loading time, everything came back to normal as soon as I removed some junk from my sdcard0/.

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