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Gideros Update 2015.10 — Gideros Forum

Gideros Update 2015.10

ar2rsawseenar2rsawseen Maintainer
edited November 2015 in Announcements
Here is belated release for 2015.10

we stumbled on some roadblocks releasing it, that's why it is late, but nonetheless, it is here :)

Touch pressure and type
Initial support for AppleTV
Gideros Studio themes
GMedia lib fixes
Gideros Studio uses gdrexport for exporting
Controller reverting back windows code
OSX sign and create package on export
Gideros Studio export allows providing bundle name, version and other needed fields
Microphone plugin added to build flow
iOS moved to latest XCode and iOS SDKs
iOS 9 allow http requests by default
iOS use assets catalog for icons
iOS 3D issue
IAB interface, updated amazon example
Android Studio replace gradle bundle on export
Lua macros for Gideros Studio
Fix Application:setKeepawake for desktop
Geolocation support for WinRT
MovieClip memory leak fixed
Added HTML5 export option
Fixed Facebook JNI errors

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