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keycodes for all keys in gideros player

keszeghkeszegh Member
edited May 2013 in Suggestions & requests
is there any way that i can register an event for any keypress in the simulator (gideros player)? like the buttons with letters etc everything on a pc keyboard. i need it as I use inhouse with friends on pc (mac, win) the app i made with gideros. it is a real-time drawing-like app and on pc keyboard shortcuts would be much faster and better then clicking on menus. probably i made a mistake when choosing a mobile-oriented framework, but gideros just looked and looks so sympathetic. thus now i'm stuck with hopes for pc export. yet that is in an unforeseeable future, so is there some workaround for keypresses until that time?
if not, then what is the complete list of win/mac keys usable keycodes?

(i note that i won't go into the route of making a plugin for that)
i put this in the requests category as i'm afraid i won't have a fully positive answer thus i request keycodes for all pc keys in a future version (already in next? it should be easy to implement).



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