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Svg graphics support

Unknown Member
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Hi all,

I have just some questions regarding the support for svg graphics in the gideros framework.. I tried searching for the same but the only results that show up are regarding a svg level builder. Well i don't want to build levels with svg, i want my graphics resources like sprites/ icons built using svg. So i needed to know -

Is svg fully supported in gideros? It looks possible through the Shape class but i just wanna be sure.

Can i use the free Inkscape tool instead of the expensive Illustrator? Will there be any compatibility issue because of this?

Is is advisable? Are there any performance implications because of introducing svg graphics. I read on a different thread that there is no way to turn anti aliasing on for objects created with "Shape".

Spritesheets are not really applicable with svg graphics are they?

Is there is any snippet that demonstrates the usage of such files in code.

I'm sorry about any dumb questions.. I'm new to the game development scene.

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  • TeranthTeranth Member
    edited March 2013

    As of currently Gideros doesn't support SVG files directly, there are some people that have tried to write implementations for the format such as the SVG level builder--which includes an SVG parser which is the portion that actually loads the format into Gideros.

    Sadly at the moment there is no way to turn on Anti-aliasing for the Shape object, which creates the problem of very choppy and bad looking SVG renders since each line/or element needs to be drawn by the Shape object.

    Ultimately this of course means that for the moment SVG is not a usable format for actual game graphics at this time. I have heard that once filters are available from GLS 2.0 we should be able to use Anti-aliasing and then SVG will become a viable option for on the fly SVG asset creation--so you only need to render the size of graphics needed for the device that is being used at the time.

    Using SVG graphics for the assets does take a lot more processing power, but used properly you would actually perform a render of all game assets on the first load and then use those cached renders from then on, unless you have a specific need for using SVG's in real time--such as a lot of re-sizing from small to huge, etc.

    I have been interested in using SVG for the same reason, but at the moment sadly it is not a very functional option, hopefully this will change in the near future.

    Currently there are only two SVG libraries that are at a functional level:

    Gideros SVG Level Builder -- Which is more for laying out levels then actualy use SVG as the asset format. Works well with InkScape.

    Gideros Illustrator -- Works with Illustrator though support for InkScape is planned, this one can render and parse SVG files, but again it's still limited by the Anti-aliasing issue in Gideros.

    Both of these are pretty cool, but for me the missing support for Anti-aliasing has made me continue to use Raster formats for the time being.

    Hopefully this is helpful, the forum is very friendly and pretty open, welcome :)


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  • olegoleg Member
    Can I use SVG to reduce the size of the game?

    which pitfalls?
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  • Depends on the graphics, but maybe. One benefit is that the graphics would be infinitely scalable, so no need for @3x, @2x etc.

    There is currently no way of directly loading SVG files in Gideros, although with Path2D it's possible (with some limitations).

    In the end it comes down to parsing an XML file and interpreting it in Gideros.

    See this point for reference:

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