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Looking for a 2D Game Artist? — Gideros Forum

Looking for a 2D Game Artist?

MellsMells Guru
edited January 2013 in Marketplace
Hi friends,

I got a few requests over the last months for 2d game art.

I got some open spots left for freelancing until march,
so I just setup a quick page to promote my work in a few places online :


Who is it for?
  • if you have already invested hours, weeks or even months in your project
  • if you write beautiful code and want artworks that get people's attention
  • if more than anything else you want to see your game in the App Store (and your prototypes are sleeping on your hard drive)
  • if you want to increase your sales expectations
  • if you have planned to invest in art assets
then I can help.

Quick Links
  • [ Start ] - Access to the page
  • [ Portfolio ] - For those who want to jump directly to a limited selection of images and avoid the marketing stuff
  • [ Contact ] - if you are interested
A few images

If you are interested : Later?
And if you don't need my services for now but want to keep it in my mind in the future,
I'm easy to find :

2D Game Artist . com

twitter@TheWindApps Artful applications : The Wind Forest. #art #japan #apps
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