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v2. A new tool: 'Tiled' as a level and Box2D world physics editor for Gideros — Gideros Forum

v2. A new tool: 'Tiled' as a level and Box2D world physics editor for Gideros

1dot44mb1dot44mb Member
edited December 2012 in Announcements
Hello everyone,

Version 2 is here, many new features added which will make your life easier.

I was creating a tile based level, and i came across a few things when using @atilim's TileMap example.

So i created a tool that lets you organize your tiles and physics world right in Tiled (http://mapeditor.org)

Watch Video Showcase:

Some features:
- Add actors from Tiled
- Add animations (TNT Animations)
- Attach Dynamic, Kinematic or Static bodies to actors and objects from Tiled with fixture and body properties
- Create sprites with physical body, not only tiles
- Create multiple Box2D worlds if necessary. Just assign World_ID to any layer or object with world creation parameters
- Define Box2D fixture properties and object properties in Tiled
- Use tile rotations and flippings in Tiled, all is drawn correctly in Gideros
- Use layer opacity in Tiled, drawn correctly in Gideros
- Use any kind of shape as collision object in Tiled (circle, polygon, polyline, etc), it is perfectly adapted by Box2D
- Enable / Disable debug drawing
- Physics body angle from tile flippings and rotations
- Physics run automatically
- Pause / Unpause
- Custom properties from Tiled will be added to your sprites and objects
- If the layer is not visible in Tiled, it will not be drawn
- Assign any name to your layer, just indicate DrawType property as Tile or Sprite, etc(you had to enter specific names for layers before)
- Supports multiple tilesets

So, you can get the class and a simple example here:
Be sure to read README or i don't think you will be able to get it working.

Please create issues and suggestions on Github, so the tool gets improved.

Version 1 Tutorial (obsolete):

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