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Advanced vibration API

dbbdbb Member
edited March 2012 in Suggestions & requests
It would be nice if the Gideros API could handle the different types of vibrations provided by Android. Like specifying the duration in milliseconds instead of a default 300ms, and also specifying patterns.

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  • AlexRuAlexRu Member
    300ms vibration is too long if vibration is triggered by touching the screen. I'm used to it, but my players ask me to reduce duration of vibration. I think 50-100ms will very good.

    Are there any plans to expand vibration API??
  • +1
    Please, add a new parameter to the function vibrate()
    This is essential for programming a responsive interface.
  • +1 on this. I couldn't imagine an on-screen keyboard without those very short vibrations to let me know I touched a button (or two :P )
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