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Shadertoy Viewer [beta] — shaders from www.shadertoy.com in Gideros — Gideros Forum

Shadertoy Viewer [beta] — shaders from www.shadertoy.com in Gideros

n1cken1cke Maintainer
edited September 2016 in Announcements
Attached archive contains ready Gideros project with shaders downloaded from www.shadertoy.com. 3476 shaders are included but not all of them are checked or compatible with this viewer (maybe around 80%). You can check a shader by pressing "Space" key -- it will open it's shadertoy page. For navigation use "Left" and "Right" arrows. Some shaders can be controlled by mouse.
You can use "ShadertoyPlayer.lua" from this project as library in your app to apply your shadertoy shaders to sprites/textures. Usage:
Shadertoy.new(filename|{shadercode}, width, height, obj1, obj2, obj3, obj4)
-- for shaders without textures
local mesh = Shadertoy.new("Seascape by TDM.glsl", 1024, 768)
-- for shaders with textures you can put textures into obj-slots
local mesh = Shadertoy.new("Dusty nebula 4 by Duke.glsl", 640, 480, Texture.new("textures/tex12.png"))
-- you can also try multipass-shaders
-- any Sprite can be used instead of texture
local w, h = 512, 512
local bufA = Shadertoy.new("test-bufA.glsl", w, h, Texture.new("textures/tex02.jpg", true, {wrap = Texture.CLAMP}))
local mesh = Shadertoy.new("test.glsl", w, h, bufA)
Feel free to help this project if you know shadertoy internals well enough.

NOTE: to unpack this 7z-archive you can use any good archive manager like http://www.7-zip.org/download.html
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