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Hi guys

Long time :) I've been lurking around the forums for a little while, and thought it was at least time to say hi lol.

At the start of this year I dug myself out of a creative hole. Basically I was overthinking everything way too much, and the whole tech aspect just left me confused and overwhelmed. The main reason I stopped using Gideros about a year ago, is that HTML5 has always been my main focus, and things didn't work as expected for me using just one tool. I have a different workflow in mind now.

I've started a challenge, where I make a game every 7days (I'm now onto game 9), using Construct 3. The aim is to make 50 games in 2019.

I know, that Gideros also does HTML5, but I've made the decision to use C3 to make the initial versions of my games, because I find, that I work very well visually - especially when I can drag and drop stuff on screen and experiment.

But, I don't want to use C3 for native ports, as there are way too many issues involved with wrapping up HTML5, as well as large project management.

Basically, my goal is to take all my 7 day games, port them using Gideros, and put them all inside one iOS / Android / Windows / Mac app.

I'd like to keep updating this app throughout the year, until It ends up with all 50 games.

Really excited about this project, so we'll see how it all goes :)

P.S. I've had a play with the latest Gideros, and it's awesome to see so many cool features being added.
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