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AddApptr are creating a new ad mediation plugin- Let's talk! — Gideros Forum

AddApptr are creating a new ad mediation plugin- Let's talk!

edited February 2019 in Plugins
Hi Gideros community,

I have been speaking to Anthony Ball from SinisterSoft and have been learning more about this great community. I wanted to introduce AddApptr and see if there is enough opportunity for us to get into this space and start working together.

For those unaware of in-app ad mediation, what we do is we bundle all adnetwork sdks in the market into a single master sdk. Once you integrate this single SDK, for every ad our sdk calls each sub-sdk and finds which one will pay the most. This enables us to find the highest price the market is willing to pay for each ad, thereby raising your cpms and fillrates.

I understand that ad mediation and Gideros have had a rocky past but in the last few years the mediation market has really changed and AddApptr is a unique player even in this changed landscape. The way AddApptr finds the highest priced ads is very different than in years past, with a greater focus on machine learning tools and floorprices. We also now have every relevant ad network in the market, from AdMob, Facebook, Unity ads, Mopub and many more.
We work with thousands of apps from games to large national media companies like Axel Springer, eBay group apps and more.

Maybe what would interest app publishers the most is (as opposed to every other mediation solution like Appodeal) we are completely 100% unbiased: We don’t run our own AdNetwork or Exchange, so there’s never a conflict of interest about where to send traffic. We always go for the highest CPM, regardless of which platform it is.

AddApptr also is more a service-based model. We have a big in-house account management team that open up all the accounts at all adnetworks, optimises traffic, deals with ad quality and much more. We deal with reporting, billing and show you all gross revenues and impressions in a powerful dashboard.

What I really want to do is meet the community and see if there are some of you who would be interested in trying us out if we made a new plugin. To get my tech colleagues to invest time and resources into making a new Gideros plugin, it would be great if some of you could share some impression/revenue numbers of your apps to see the opportunity here (kept private of course).

Please say hi and let me know if a new plugin would interest you


Business Development Manager

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