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Gideros 2018.12: She's a big one!

PaulRPaulR Member, Maintainer
edited December 2018 in Announcements

Gideros 2018.12 is here!

There are lots of exciting features, improvements and fixes in this release which should hopefully tick at least one box for just about everybody. Please browse the changelog below for full details!

Some Highlights:

  • Integrated profiler: Our native profiler is now integrated with Gideros Studio
  • LuaMIDI plugin: Gideros can communicate with MIDI devices!
  • Auto add files with Assets folder: Gideros Studio now auto adds any files in Assets project subdirectory
  • WASM: Initial support for WASM export (smaller, hopefully faster exports).
  • Native Map Plugin: Native maps, courtesy of @paulh!

Gideros 2018.12. Our most advanced SDK yet. Download for free

New features

[studio] Introduce fs-backed folders
[html5] Experimental wasm, compress plugins
[plugin/luamidi] luamidi for desktop and win32
[studio] integrate profiler


[studio] Add multi-cursor editing
[studio] Add shortcuts for debugger (Fix #440)
[texturepacker] Associate file type on windows
[core] Layout now takes a parameter to enable equally sized cells
[core] Add a method to path 2D to compute location of points of the path
[core] Allow transparent canvas (for HTML)
[examples] Added Spine animation example
[examples] Added benchmark example using Core.Profiler
[android] Enable multidex
[android] Update google services min version to 16.0.0
[android] APK are now always signed, using a debug key if no keystore is provided
[plugin/camera] add availability check
[plugin/map] Integrate @paulh native map plugin
[plugin/megacool] Update megacool plugin to lib 3.3.7, added setSharingText api command
[plugin/spine] New API calls (cf #451)
[plugin/threads] Add luasocket, lfs and json.
[plugin/threads] Add configurable exit delay


[studio] Save outline settings (Fix #446)
[studio] Fix windows VSYNC detection
[core] Fix broken shaders for color transform
[iOS] Minimum SDK is now 8.0 (Fix #448)
[ios] Apply scalefactor for exported apps (Should fix #442)
[html5] Fix sound enabling on iOS
[html5] Fix background colour on export splash screen
[plugin/bump] Fix new object allocation system
[plugin/bump] Fix bounce and slide collision return values
[plugin/camera] Fix random crash on start on QT
[plugin/iab] Reissue failed consumes
[plugin/liquidfun] Turn off neon has it fails on some platforms
[plugin/megacool] Detect size change and reinit (missing deinit part)
[plugin/ogg] Fix file streaming issue causing premature end of audio stream (Fix #437)


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