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Gideros Discord

ArtemisArtemis Member
edited June 2018 in Introduce yourself
Hey everyone.

I picked up Gideros a few months back and I've got a couple games I'm getting close to releasing with it. I decided to join the forums and try to get in on the conversation here, but looking around I haven't seen any discord or skype community that could help connect the community more with some live chats. Not sure if I just missed it or if I'm the only one who'd be interested but I made a quick discord server (discord.gg/ekFkrWc) if anyone else out there would like such a thing.

I'm hoping to get some of the veteran community members on board as mods and start making things as accessible and beginner friendly as possible and maybe we can make Gideros a more popular engine choice all around. It definitely deserves to have more community members. If there's already such a discord I'd appreciate someone letting me know because I just haven't seen it.

Likes: oleg, antix

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