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Package a game for Windows desktop

Can anyone help me with packaging my game into an .exe package? I found in the documentation how to make an executable for Windows Desktop, but I didn't find anything about making an install package with the .dll file necessary to run the file.

I used the export function in Gideros (I did it with both the Windows Desktop and the Win32 options) and this created an executable file which runs the game fine as long as I double click the file in the directory the export function puts it in. If I move the executable out of that directory and try to run it, I get error messages for missing .dll files. From my previous experience, this doen’t surprise me.

When I was using löve, it worked the same. To make an executable package that I could send to someone and all they had to do was click the file to run it, I used the Windows packaging program Iexpress. With this (for löve), I put all of the necessary files in a single directory. In the Iexpress process, you choose everything you want included in the pakage, select the executable file that the package should run and then Iexpress creates an executable file that runs like a champ.

I tried this method with my Gideros project, and when I run the Iexpress created executable, I still get error messages about missing .dll files.

I’ve attached a screenshot which shows the game directory after the game is exported (this is the one for Windows Desktop, not Win32) and one of the error messages. Sorry the message is in Portuguese, but that’s the language of my system. From the screenshot you can see that the libwinpthread-1.dll file was reported as missing from the computer. You can also see that this file is in the game’s directory and ALL of these files were included in the package.

And it’s the same for both exports, Windows Desktop and Win32.

Is there a way to package a Gideros produced game for the Windows desktop which creates one single file that the user just has to click to play the game? Of course I can leave the Gideros produced executable in the directory, zip that directory, send it to the person and they can unzip the directory, go into it and double click the executable, but that’s not really an acceptable way to distribute a game.


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