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Bloom Gideros example and background... — Gideros Forum

Bloom Gideros example and background...

kussakovkussakov Member
edited November 2017 in General questions

The Bloom example, that comes with Gideros, works on a container where we draw the game sprites.
This container must be a non-transparent, dark, solid color shape. Otherwise the bloom does not work.

For example if I make the container transparent - the entire screen blooms.
So I can't have some nice background image, because the container needs to be non transparent. If my background is displayed in the container itself - it also blooms and does not look nice.

Another example: If I want some of my sprites to bloom and some not - I can put the bloom ones in a bloom container sprite and the others in another, but if the bloom container is not transparent I can't put anything behind it...

The question:
Is there a way to make the bloom example work in transparent container?




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