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Clear pixel in bitmap texture... — Gideros Forum

Clear pixel in bitmap texture...

MobAmuseMobAmuse Member
edited March 2017 in Announcements
Think scratchcard...

I am trying to clear a pixel (or set of pixels) in a bitmap texture that overlays another bitmap texture when I touch the screen, so that when it is cleared you can see through it to the back bitmap thus revealing prizes.

Sounds easy I first thought, but after using Pixel method it's no good because I am limited by size of the overlay graphic dimensions and also it is too slow on real device I found anyway even with a small overlay that is scaled using pixel lib as per pixelsclown example.

I tried the media library which works but not in the way I want at all.

I thought there was a Texture:setPixel(value) or Texture:setPixel(alpha) but it seems not as far as I can tell?

Stumped :P


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